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Mark Brooker




Mark Brooker is a photographer based in Florida. Originally from London, England, he got his start in the field in 1976 when he became a trainee darkroom technician and photographer for a top advertising agency in London. Unlike digital photography today, the number of shots that could be taken at each photo shoot was limited by time and cost. This early experience taught him the art, skill, and techniques of photography, including the importance of getting the shot right the first time.


Since then, Mark has worked as a freelance photographer and assistant photographer for many top photographers in London, tackling a wide range of projects including architecture, interiors, still life, portraiture, fashion, and glamour. He has also kept up with the latest post-processing software to enhance his images.


While Mark specialized in architectural photography, he also enjoys taking photographs of a wide range of subjects, including landscapes, birds, sky, cityscapes, abstracts, and more. He doesn't try to develop a particular style, instead preferring to use the style that best enhances each individual image. He shoots and post-processes for fun and hopes that others will enjoy his creations.

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