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Mark Brooker




Born in London, England in 1956, I took my first steps into photography 20 years later by obtaining employment as a trainee darkroom technician and photographer with a top Advertising Agency in London.


Unlike digital photography today, the number of shots that could be taken at each photo shoot was limited by time and cost.  This meant that the photographers basically had just one shot to get it right.


The fortunate result of this experience is that I received the best possible training in the Art, Skill and Techniques of Photography. The ‘get it right first time’ discipline led to an understanding of what the best shot is before it’s taken, and the ability get that shot.


I then worked as a Freelance Photographer or Assistant Photographer with many of the top world leading London based Photographers on all types of projects including Architecture, Interiors, Still Life, Portraiture, Fashion and Glamour.


With photography you can never stop learning, so I have made myself be proficient with a variety of post processing software and this has completely changed the way that I make my images.


Most really successful photographers concentrate on a particular niche, for example, portraits, weddings, food, fashion, etc. They also often have developed a unique style that is recognizable over a range of subjects. I do specialize in Architectural photography to generate an income but as with any niche, after a while it becomes repetitive and the fun and creativity goes out of it. So for my own enjoyment I also take photographs of many different types. I really enjoy landscapes, birds, sky, cityscapes, abstracts and more.


I also try to steer away from developing any particular style. I prefer to use whatever style I think best enhances that individual image. The drawback is that it's unlikely anyone seeing one of my images on a wall will be able to say ”that’s a Mark Brooker, I recognize his style”. But that’s a small price to pay because I shoot and post process for fun and not for fame or profit (maybe a little profit).


I hope you enjoy some of my creations and look forward to any feedback that you would like to give.